Starting with what rose hydrosol is not is helpful. You may have heard of rose water, but rose hydrosol is not the same thing. The two are quite distinct from one another.

Rose water is simply water that has been infused with rose-derived essential oil. Rose hydrosol, on the other hand, is made by steam distilling rose petals. Water that is fragrant and new is left behind. This is the hydrosol that is found in some of the most expensive beauty products in the world. It is incredibly nourishing and curative as a component of rose essential oil.

Some people get confused because beauty products frequently contain rose water. Hydrosol rose is a more intense variant of rose water because the extraction cycle permits the useful parts to be somewhat long of the plant without being watered down.

  • Manages Hair Loss

It's stressful to find that your hairbrush has too many strands. The majority of hair loss is caused by weakened, unhealthy strands that break off with very little pressure. When you use hair products that contain this ingredient with a light scent, it helps strengthen your hair and makes it grow longer and fuller.

  • Gives Your Hair a Healthy Shine

Roses are full of vitamins A and E, which can help your hair grow better from the inside out. Rose hydrosol-based products repair the damage, whereas many products simply mask it. Our Profound Treatment contains the ideal mix of hydrosol alongside Hydrolyzed Wheat protein to fix split closures and bluntness that brings down your regular excellence.