Curlit believes in empowering women to wear their naturally wavy/curly hair with confidence. CurlIt is formulated with all needs of the curly hair community taken into account. Production of affordable and readily available and safe products is our mission.

The brand started as a part-time hobby of our founder, Safia Rashid Khan when she was experimenting around creating dupes of high-end products. She had already been slowly transforming the curly hair community by educating the masses about how to care for and enhance their hair.

Noticing the unavailability of good quality curly hair products, Safia believed it was time for a change. She contacted different suppliers and chemists to come up with high-quality, safely formulated products that could revolutionize the curly hair community.

We take pride in claiming that our products are unique and can easily be compared to high-end products available only outside of the Pakistani market.

Join us by flaunting your natural waves and curls, demanding the world for representation.