Panax ginseng, otherwise known as Korean ginseng, is an herb that has been widely employed for multiple health benefits. It should not be mistaken for other types of ginseng. Panax ginseng is a plant that can be found in Korea, China, and Siberia. It is thought of as an adaptogen, which are natural compounds that are assumed to enhance the body's capacity to manage stressors. Panax ginseng contains numerous active ingredients. The most significant are identified as ginsenosides or panaxosides. Its benefits are as follows:

  • Prevents hair loss

It is believed that ginseng can boost the number of skin cells on the scalp, which in turn strengthens the hair follicles and roots. This not only stimulates the growth of new strands but also helps to prevent hair thinning and breakage.

  • Helps with dandruff

If those unsightly white flakes are causing you distress, ginseng could be the solution. The root contains a high amount of saponin, an antibacterial compound, which can eliminate dandruff from the scalp and keep it from coming back. This helps keep your hair follicles clean and free of flakes.

  • Restores strand health

Thanks to its nourishing properties, ginseng is an herbal plant that helps both the roots and lengths of the hair. The easiest way to make the most of this coveted ingredient is by getting the Curlit Deep treatment. This uses the power of ginseng to create a botanical blend like no other. It restores cuticles from the brink of damage to achieve manageably, nourished tresses.